TSAS offers full management of your flights, including :


Ramp services

– Management of your provincial, national, and international commercial flights
– Guided arrivals/departures, and parking
– Fuelling services through AVJET
– Grooming of aircraft interiors
– Cargo management and freight forwarding
– Deicing service
– Complete ground support equipment


FBO services

– Heated hangar for rent
– Office space for rent
– Conference room
– Flight planning room
– Catering service
– On-call taxi and limousine service for passengers and crew
– On-call car rental service
– Hotel reservations
– Passenger lounge
– High-speed wireless Internet access
– Security screening
– Passenger check-in service
– Passenger & baggage check-in with or without security screening (CATSA) on request
– On-site customs clearance for a maximum of 15 people, including crew


Flight supervision and management

– Boarding and deplaning
– Dispatch and communications

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