Purchasing programs (credit card)

With its extensive network, AVJET is well positioned to offer you commercial contracts and attractive aviation/jet fuel purchasing programs. Find out more about our fast and easy credit card payment method.

Commercial agreements

AVJET’s purchasing power and reliable petroleum resources allow it to offer network members attractive agreements as a reward for their loyalty.

Eligible members

  • Airlines with regular schedules
  • Other consumers who qualify as buyers on a contract basis


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Credit cards


We know what our customers need and want; as such, we offer a credit card payment option at all AVJET service stations:

  • Quick and easy payment
  • Over 55 service stations at airports in Québec (Canada)
  • Automated processing
  • Detailed monthly statement: purchase date, refuelling site/airport, itemized descriptions, aircraft number, etc.

AVJET retailers

As an AVJET distributor, you benefit from efficient and reliable tools to help you maximize your operations and fuel your sales:

  • Automated system
  • Instant authorization
  • Monthly, weekly and daily statements
  • Attractive marketing programs for retailers
  • The strength of the AVJET network
  • Acceptance of most credit cards carried by pilots and/or corporations