Equipment (sale and rental)

At AVJET, we have the expertise needed to provide you with turnkey solutions for your petroleum equipment, and portable or permanent facilities. Depending on your needs, we can offer you consulting, sale or rental services.

Partial or turnkey projects

AVJET can oversee all phases of your project, directly at your airport or on your worksite. Our staff can also support and guide you through your ad hoc projects or major strategic decisions.

Petroleum equipment

  • Wide variety of equipment: tanker-trucks, refueling trucks (fleet of over 30 trucks available), above-ground tanks and pumps (more than 30 across the AVJET network)
  • Advice on choosing petroleum equipment
  • Sale or rental
  • Equipment financing plan
  • Different formats and types (permanent or temporary)
  • Technical support and maintenance for all types of petroleum equipment (permanent or mobile facilities)
  • Quality and performance controls
  • Equipment manufacturing, as needed

Facilities at your airport

  • Needs assessment
  • Objective evaluations and development of specific measures to optimize your facilities
  • Airport and resupply planning
  • Commissioning of facilities or supervision of the work

Preventive maintenance program

To ensure equipment and facilities remain in good working order and yield the best possible results, AVJET offers its customers a preventive maintenance and customized support program.

  • Refueling guide for aviation/jet fuel
  • Staff training on the use and maintenance of equipment
  • Technical support

In addition to distributing fuel, AVJET offers its partners customized training courses to maximize their efficiency and results.

Available training courses.