Tips to save money

As your partner, AVJET has a duty to put its expertise to work for you by helping you optimize your resources.

1. Maximize your aviation and jet fuel shipping costs

Breakdown of fuel cost:

1. Basic fuel cost + 2. Excise tax + 3. Fuel tax + 4. Shipping cost = Total fuel cost

Shipping: a major factor in the equation

Even though a flat shipping rate applies to every delivery, you can control its impact on your overall costs.

How to optimize your shipping cost

Manage your inventory appropriately to always order a full load. By maximizing your quantity per delivery, you will reduce your overall shipping cost.

2. Recover your fuel taxes for each flight

Tax refunds

You can apply for a tax refund for aviation fuel (100 LL, Avgas, Jet A1, Jet Fuel, etc.) purchased for direct flights from Canada to another country.

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