Available training courses

AVJET offers its partners various customizable training courses. By sharing its expertise, AVJET ensures a high level of service across its distribution network.

AVJET quality assurance

The corporate QA guide is carefully drafted to ensure the highest standards of safety, product performance and service quality across the entire AVJET network. It is the most comprehensive quality assurance program in the industry.

Training course on aviation/jet fuel refuelling

The main objective of this training course is to educate jet fuel and aviation fuel handling employees on safety measures. This training course will help you to standardize refueling methods and procedures on your site, to guarantee good practices.

Training course on airport operating standards and regulations

This is a combined theoretical-practical training course on airport operating standards and recommended practices. It consists of various exercises and work methods aimed at improving employee efficiency and ensuring the sound management of your company.

Customized training courses

The AVJET team will work with you on the areas that you need to improve at your airport. All available training courses can be customized to correspond to your situation. We can even create new courses to meet your specific needs.

Much more than a simple fuel distributor, AVJET is your partner.

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