AVJET’s results and success are only as good as the strength of its team—a team that fuels your success!

Our executives

These three executives are passionate about fuelling the aviation industry, and this passion is evident in their daily interactions with their partners.

Denis Jacob, President

Denis Jacob has spent his entire career working in the aviation industry and has held various key positions, including President of Air Transat. His efforts are now focused on making AVJET a leader in the marketing, distribution and drumming of aviation fuel.

Sylvain Touchette, Vice-President, Sales and Development

As head of the Development branch of Pétro-T’s Aviation Division (now AVJET) for almost 30 years, Sylvain Touchette is dedicated to his industry. He was a member of the board of directors of the Association québécoise du transport aérien (AQTA) for several years, including four years as Chairman.

Simon Villiard, Vice-President, Operations

A meticulous and well-organized man of his word, Simon Villiard has been working for AVJET for 10 years.


Our FBO refueling operators: experienced professionals

At AVJET, we rely on a team of extremely professional, seasoned FBO refueling operators. As the best trained in the industry, they are qualified to handle all of our customers’ needs.


Our approachable administrative team

Our administrative team is driven by a desire to help our customers achieve their goals. Above all, these passionate people work hard to develop relationships of trust with the customers they serve. Their courtesy makes AVJET an uncontested leader in the area of customer service.


Our meticulous drumming team

Our drumming team is renowned for its accuracy and its knowledge of traceability processes. Their ability to work with strict protocols and their desire to deliver their product quickly make them a key link in the AVJET chain.