Quality assurance

At AVJET, our priority is to offer you the highest standards in quality of both products and services. This commitment translates into concrete initiatives that showcase our extensive expertise in the aviation industry.

The most comprehensive program in the aviation industry

Technical support

Our more than 20 years’ experience in the aviation sector allows us to offer you highly efficient and personalized technical support. More than just products, AVJET provides you with expertise and partnership opportunities.

AVJET staff members are available to advise you at all times on:

  • sales and marketing strategies;
  • customer relations;
  • airport refueling safety measures (planes and helicopters);
  • quality controls;
  • handling of aviation fuel (100 LL, Avgas) and jet fuel (Jet-A, Jet-A1, Jet Fuel, F-34), etc.;
  • selection and installation of petroleum equipment (tanks, pumps, tanker-trucks, refuelling trucks).

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Employee training

As a partner-supplier, AVJET provides training suited to your needs and the situation at your airport. Training is essential to the proper handling of fuel, supply trucks, etc.

Employee training guarantees a consistent level of service quality and expertise across the AVJET network, which includes 60 service stations in Québec and Eastern Canada.

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Quality tests (products)

We conduct a number of tests to ensure the compliance of aviation fuel and jet fuel, as well as strict audits of our operations and our petroleum equipment.

At AVJET, safety and performance are the essence of our mission—we don’t leave them to chance.

Inspection and preventive maintenance (facilities, equipment)

Petroleum facilities and equipment are inspected on a regular basis and according to the highest safety standards. We verify the compliance of pumps, tanks, tanker-trucks, refuelling trucks, etc.